"Being a student is easy. Learning requires actual work." -William Crawford
 Holiday Program
  • Monday 11 July
  • Lab gear included
  • In-person lessons
  • 5-12 years old
  • art supplies included
  • Available online
  • Include early drop-off
  • Include late pick-up
  • Access to AJ app
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Tuesday 19 April


Inspired by the popular  Hairspray musical, learn all things about fun and silly hair styles through watercolour, sketching and coding.
From $75.00 NZD
Wednesday 27 April

Peter Rabbit

Let's made some codes to harvest carrots for Peter Rabbit! Learn how to sketch a garden for him, and watercolour the very famous Peter we all love.
From $75.00 NZD
Mon 11 July

Arctic Wilderness

Morning Only
Full Day
Come travel with us to the arctic wilderness this coming July holiday! Binocular? Check! Backpack? Check! Warm clothing? Check! Let's see if we can spot the super adorable arctic animals! We'll learn how to draw them, paint the magical, mesmerising northern lights, and create master codes to help stop the melting ice in our famous Creative Lab™! The full-day program begins at 9.30am. However open for early drop-off from 8:30am onwards. Your workshops will conclude at 3pm, leave you plenty of time to play with new friends, and allow late pickup at 4pm.
Brain Snack
No nuts please. Bring plenty tea if you attend full day and half day programs.
You don't need to bring lunch if you attend half day programs. No nuts please.
Due to Covid, we can't provide water, please bring plenty of water.
"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. "
- Herbert Spencer

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Our students love us

I never knew sketching can be so fun, where I used to go was filled with white plasters that I wasn't interested in and I had no idea why I had to learn it.
T******** B*
Your curriculums are amazing. The connections between art, science and literature made it very interesting. Well done!
F***** G****
Your app is very helpful. I can have a look on my way to pickup my kids after work, and knowing what they've learnt on the day, it makes my transition from a career woman to a mum so seamless! Thank you!
W***** D*****

Frequently asked questions

What programs should I choose?

Each day's program is independently topical, either consecutive days or a single day, choose whatever that works for your schedule!

I can't attend the program full day, can I still come?

Absolutely! Simple pick the morning, or afternoon sessions instead of a full day program. If you need to arrange an early or late pickup, please inform the studio. There is a late pickup fee of $20 every half an hour applied.

What if i am unwell? 

Due to the limited numbers of students we admit to each program, the studio is unable to take cancellations based on your change of mind. For medical reasons, please contact office to arrange a later time for your program.

Is there any sibling discounts?

While there isn't any discount due for the course, however there are early birds discounts from time to time, so join our newsletter below to stay informed.

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