"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family."
-Kofi Annan
 Holiday Program
  • Wednesday 27 July
  • Lab gear included
  • In-person lessons
  • 5-12 years old
  • art supplies included
  • Available online
  • Include early drop-off
  • Include late pick-up
  • Access to AJ app
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Wed 20 July
Full & Half Day  
Pippi Longstocking
we'll be brave as we go sock-making! We'll learn watercolour, sketching and program a game just for socks!
Half Day $80 $75 NZD
Full Day $100 $92 NZD
Thu 21 July
Full & Half Day  
The World's Worst Pets
Travel to the Arctic circle, paint northern lights, sketch our favourite animal, and code to solve global warming.
Half Day $80 $75 NZD
Full Day $100 $92 NZD
Wed 27 July

The Velveteen Rabbit

Morning Only
Full Day
Follow us as we dive into these fantastic children's classics. Not only be touched by this heartwarming story but also learn how to watercolour and create your very own 3D pop-up book! Learn all the attachment techniques and how to make those beautiful elements with watercolour. Don't forget to program a cool game for our rabbit with your clever codes. And yes, it's true, we will learn how to sketch that beautiful fluffy bunny! The full-day program begins at 9.30am. However open for early drop-off from 8:30am onwards. Your workshops will conclude at 3pm, leave you plenty of time to play with new friends, and allow late pickup at 4pm.
Brain Snack
No nuts please. Bring plenty tea if you attend full day and half day programs.
You don't need to bring lunch if you attend half day programs. No nuts please.
Due to Covid, we can't provide water, please bring plenty of water.
"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."
- Malcolm X
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Our students love us

I never knew sketching can be so fun, where I used to go was filled with white plasters that I wasn't interested in and I had no idea why I had to learn it.
T******** B*
Your curriculums are amazing. The connections between art, science and literature made it very interesting. Well done!
F***** G****
Your app is very helpful. I can have a look on my way to pickup my kids after work, and knowing what they've learnt on the day, it makes my transition from a career woman to a mum so seamless! Thank you!
W***** D*****

Frequently asked questions

What equipment does my child need to bring to class?
If you are coming to take workshops with us in person, rest assured all you need to bring is a beautiful smile and a positive attitude.
If you are meeting us online, great! Make sure you device is fully charged, and its charging cable is at hand.
Please refer to each workshop's requirement when enrolling for a list of detailed supplies you may need.
The Creative Lab workshops look amazing! How old does my child need to be to take it?
For Creative Lab 101, the minimum age is 4. At this age, your child may want to you stay with them throughout the session. For ages 5 and above, parental supervision is not required if you attend in-studio workshops; some assistance may be needed if you enrol in our online workshops.
What happens when if I cannot attend a class or miss a class?
If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home and take online lessons. We understand life can be busy and some days events do clash, you may contact us to arrange a catch-up lesson, within the duration of your course if it's online, or during school term's if it's a studio workshop you are enrolled in. Unfortunately we aren't able to carry over any unused credit to outside of your enrolled workshop period.
Do I need any previous experience?
AJ Studio offers a multitude of lessons at varying skill levels. From beginner to expert and everything in between. We first assign your child to a lesson based on their age then determine which level would be most effective in their creative development.
What is your refund policy in a nutshell?
For the fairness of the other students, our clever tutors who provide the workshops that you love, we aren't able to refund if you simply changed your mind. 
Our in-studio workshops are strictly made up by the limited number of students enrolled prior to the start of each school term, and have the appropriate resources allocated to accomodate the optimal learning experience for all of the students in the course. 
To ensure the resources (staff and equipment) can be maintained for the duration of the course, payment for their use cannot be refunded, so that the remaining students may continue the learning and development that they paid for.

In the event of Covid-19 restrictions, workshops will resume at level 1 and level 2, all workshops will move to the form of online workshop, no refund can be issued if you decide not to participate in online sessions.
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