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Art 101™
The Beautiful Oops You Must Try
Trial Session  $35.00 NZD
Creative Lab 101™
3D Shape, Oops and Invention
Trial Session  $35.00 NZD
Art 201™
Mr. Pattern & Miss Artsy
Trial Session  $38.00 NZD
Creative Lab 201™
Patterns, Multiplications & Buttons
Trial Session  $38.00 NZD
Art 301™
10 Prehistoric Things You Must Know
Trial Session  $40.00 NZD
Creative Lab 301™
Prehistoric Animals Come Alive with Your Codes!
Trial Session  $38.00 NZD
Sketchbook Challenge™
Bad Guys Through the Lens of a Pencil
Trial Session  $45.00 NZD
Creative Lab 401™
M&Ms Forever
Trial Session  $45.00 NZD
Clever Canvas™
Monet, M&Ms and More
Trial Session  $65.00 NZD
Creative Lab 501™
We are Going to the Zoo
Trial Session  $45.00 NZD
Super Matisse™
We are Going to the Zoo
Trial Session  $45.00 NZD
Creative Lab 601™
Catching the Bad Guys
Trial Session  $65.00 NZD

What our learners say  

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The online lessons are great! Tutor's instructions were very clear and straightforward, I must recommend it to our friends. Also it's very fun. Really, the lessons are so different online, and the way AJ Studio does it is truly thoughtful, respect to you all.
E** L*
One and a half term of oil painting lessons, I feel **** has improved a lot. From when she first started not even able to paint neatly, to rows of finished artworks on the wall in our garage, looking forward to send you a photo of them all at the end of this term!
I*** T****
... just downloaded the (your) app this afternoon... I'm so impressed with the detailed information included in the course. They are extremely handy and useful...
M*******  W***

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Frequently asked questions

What programs should I choose?

Each day's program is independently topical, either consecutive days or a single day, choose whatever that works for your schedule!

I can't attend the program full day, can I still come?

Absolutely! Simple pick the morning, or afternoon sessions instead of a full day program. If you need to arrange an early or late pickup, please inform the studio. There is a late pickup fee of $20 every half an hour applied.

What if i am unwell? 

Due to the limited numbers of students we admit to each program, the studio is unable to take cancellations based on your change of mind. For medical reasons, please contact office to arrange a later time for your program.

Are there any sibling discounts?

While there isn't any discount due for the course, there are early-bird discounts from time to time, so join our newsletter below to stay informed.
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