"Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought."
-Albert Einstein
2022 TERM 3  ART 101™ 
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Art 101™
The Beautiful Oops You Must Try
$288.00 NZD
 30 Minutes
 3.5 - 5 Years old
 Available in person & online
 Term 3 Dates: 1 August - 1 Oct
 No public holidays this term, all lessons continue as usual.

What our learners say  

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The online lessons are great! Tutor's instructions were very clear and straightforward, I must recommend it to our friends. Also it's very fun. Really, the lessons are so different online, and the way AJ Studio does it is truly thoughtful, respect to you all.
E** L*
One and a half term of oil painting lessons, I feel **** has improved a lot. From when she first started not even able to paint neatly, to rows of finished artworks on the wall in our garage, looking forward to send you a photo of them all at the end of this term!
I*** T****
... just downloaded the (your) app this afternoon... I'm so impressed with the detailed information included in the course. They are extremely handy and useful...
M*******  W***

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Art 101™
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