"As practice makes perfect, I cannot but make progress; each drawing one makes, each study one paints, is a step forward."
-Vincent Van Gogh
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2023 Term 1 Sketching on Location Session One
Sunday 19 March 2023
Sketching on Location- MOTAT
  • Sunday
  • Not available online
  • No early drop-off
  • 19 March
  • Pay your own ticket
  • Begins at 2pm
  • 9 - 16 Years Old
  • PYO Art Supplies
  • Ends at 5pm
Sketching on Location Schedule
  • 1400 Arrival at the gate
  • 1415 Session begins
  • 1600 Water and bathroom break
  • 1615 Session continues
  • 1700 Session ends (A late pick-up fee of $20 for ever 15 minutes after 5.10 pm.)
  Bring your own snack, drink bottle & art supplies. AJ Studio has a no nuts policy. Timetable above is indication only, some projects may require longer, the Studio reserves the rights to make changes to the schedule.  
As each program we bring to you are freshly written learning material, no sample works are available until after the lesson. Therefore Images above are sample photos only to help describe the day's topic. If you have any questions please contact the studio.
2-5pm NZDT
Love sketching? Or you may have never done it before. Come sketch with us on location! You'll love the challenge and the thrill when overcoming your fear of imperfection. Open to all currently enrolled students. Especially students at Art 301™ level, Sketchbook Challenge™, Clever Canvas™ and Super Matisse™.

Artists at Super Matisse levels are encouraged to bring your watercolour set. Here's a list for you to get packed and ready to go!

  • Visual diary
  • Sketching pencil set
  • Rubber
  • Drink bottle
  • Snacks
  • Tissue
  • Sunhat
  • Sunscreen
  • Optional: watercolour, water jar, brushes

Please purchase your own MOTAT tickets. Your tutors will be waiting for you inside the gate. Look for people in AJ Studio uniform!
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What our learners say  

The online lessons are great! Tutor's instructions were very clear and straightforward, I must recommend it to our friends. Also it's very fun. Really, the lessons are so different online, and the way AJ Studio does it is truly thoughtful, respect to you all.
E** L*
One and a half term of oil painting lessons, I feel **** has improved a lot. From when she first started not even able to paint neatly, to rows of finished artworks on the wall in our garage, looking forward to send you a photo of them all at the end of this term!
I*** T****
... just downloaded the (your) app this afternoon... I'm so impressed with the detailed information included in the course. They are extremely handy and useful...
M*******  W***

Course contents

Frequently asked questions

What do we need to bring?
Your basic art supplies. We recommend a sketchbook, a set of pencils and a rubber as a basic starter. If you need more clarification, check out our studio store.
How about drop-off and pick-up?
Please purchase your own tickets before the event and make your way to our gathering. And do not leave your child/ren until you see the tutors. Parents are welcome to tag along with the group. Please pick up your child/ren on time according to the event plan. Any late pick-ups will incur $15 every 20 minutes to cover the tutor's time.
What happens if we miss this event?
As these are one-off events, there's no refund for no-shows. However, in the event of severe weather changes, your fee will be refunded in full or transferred to the next event, whichever you prefer. You'll be notified via email and/or text message before 7 am on the day.
Important safety information
Please help your child to remember your mobile number. Tutors will show them where the reception is. If they are lost, they will need to go to reception and ask a staff member to help them call you. We will also contact you via the contact numbers you provided immediately. So please tell your child to stay with the group, and let their tutors know if they need to go to the bathroom, so one of the tutors can go with your child/ren, and everyone else can wait for them.
Anything else?
Bring a drink bottle and some small snacks. Drawing on location can be draining. Try to bring everything in ONE backpack. This ensures you have two hands-frees for that important task- art making! And yes, sunscreen and a sunhat too! A sweaty artist will never be a patient artist!
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