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2022 Term 1 Clever Canvas™

The Lighthouse Keeper


 4.30-6.30 pm NZDT


 4.30-6.30 pm NZDT


 3-5 pm NZDT
  • Session Day: Friday
  • Age: 9-16 yrs
  • Available in studio
  • 120 mins, 10 sessions
  • 1 Feb - 16 Apr 2022 
  • Available online
week 1
4 Feb
week 2
11 Feb
week 3
18 Feb
week 4
25 Feb
week 5
4 Mar
week 6
11 Mar
week 7
18 Mar
week 8
25 Mar
week 9
1 Apr
Week 10
8 Apr
15 Apr Good Friday
Images above are sample photos only as each term we create new lesson contents, this term's topic is in the description.
Lesson series-  Clever Canvas™
The Lighthouse Keeper is a series of lovely stories by Ronda and David Armitage. Come be inspired by the lighthouse's structure, the stories, and the waves! Explore with us in this fun 2 hour long weekly sessions, learn colour theories, how to work with oil paints, how to take your idea to action and watch it becoming a masterpiece of your own. 
You will be put added to 'junior' and 'senior' groups to ensure positive learning experience and maximum progress. Junior group welcomes students without no experience, from 5 to 8, and senior group will include experience painters, and anyone age 9-16.
All in-person or online livestream sessions are 2 hour long; parents are not required to sit through the workshops in studio. If you are taking this course online, please prepare a set of water mixable paint, colour palette, oil painting brushes and canvas pads.

What our learners say  

The online lessons are great! Tutor's instructions were very clear and straightforward, I must recommend it to our friends. Also it's very fun. Really, the lessons are so different online, and the way AJ Studio does it is truly thoughtful, respect to you all.
E** L*
One and a half term of oil painting lessons, I feel **** has improved a lot. From when she first started not even able to paint neatly, to rows of finished artworks on the wall in our garage, looking forward to send you a photo of them all at the end of this term!
I*** T****
... just downloaded the (your) app this afternoon... I'm so impressed with the detailed information included in the course. They are extremely handy and useful...
M*******  W***
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So great to see you!

Covid-19 red traffic light protocol

  • Stay home if you are unwell, join lessons online via AJ Studio's learning app. You can download it from both Apple app store and Google play.
  • Scan the studio QR code upon your arrival.
  • Please obtain your My Vaccine Pass if you are over 12 years old.
  • You will be scanned using the NZ Pass Verifier app on entry.
  • No parents or spectators, sorry, let's do everything we can to minimise traffic.
  • If possible, leave siblings at home with another caregiver. If not, we kindly ask you either go for a walk nearby or alternatively stay in your car for the duration of the lesson. 
  • No waiting time along the staircase please.
  • If you are dropping off your child, please don't leave them on the street, rather see to it that they enter the building safely.
  • Social distancing protocol must be followed at all times. Students will be spaced accordingly in studio and reminded if they forget.

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