"I'm born with a pencil in my hand. I did lots of sketching."
-Karl Lagerfeld

Stuff in the House

  • Livestream: available 
  • Level: Super Matisse 9-16 yrs
  • Session time: 80 mins
  • Total of 8 sessions
  • 18 Oct - 11 Dec 2021 
  • No lesson on 25 Oct

You may join these Livestream sessions on a weekly basis:

  • Monday 4.50 pm - 6.10 pm NZDT
  • Saturday 6.30 pm - 7.20 pm NZDT
Lesson series
We are inspired by daily items around us, like tooth paste, ketchup bottles... Learn how to sketch symmetrical objects around the house with us!
This 80 minute long workshop is perfect for artists who would like to learn sketching and painting more in depth.
Suitable for students aged 9 -16, with exceptions can be made for more advanced 301 students. Admission is at the discretion of the lead tutor. 
Each session is designed to learn fundamental skills in pencil and charcoal sketching. Packed with serious sketching skills in every session, it will surely to sharpen your skill to the next level!
Each in-person or online livestream session is 80 minutes long; parents are not required to sit through the workshops in studio.

If you are taking this course online, please prepare a sketchbook and a set of sketch pencils.