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Holiday program

Learn how to create, invent with different mediums. Access extra activities after the program.

Term 3 Holiday Program is coming soon!
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Mon 25 July
Full & Half Day 
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Let's make a cool 3D pop-up book for this classic children's story, code a game for the bears!
Closed for enrolment
Half Day $80 NZD
Full Day  $100 NZD
Tue 26 July
Full & Half Day 
A Bug's Life
Be a biologist with us, create a watercolour chart, craft a cool sculpture, code a game for them, and sketch it as it were real!
Closed for enrolment
Half Day $80 NZD
Full Day $100 NZD
Wed 27 July
Full & Half Day 
The Velveteen Rabbit
Time to make our own 3D pop-up book for the super heart-warming story the Velveteen Rabbit.
Half Day $80 NZD
Full Day $100 NZD
Thu 28 July
Full & Half Day 
Marmalade the Orange Panda
Why is Marmalade orange? let's find out! Create our own art for this super adorable panda, learn how to code bamboo and sketch!
Half Day $80 NZD
Full Day $100 NZD

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I never knew sketching can be so fun, where I used to go was filled with white plasters that I wasn't interested in and I had no idea why I had to learn it.
T******** B*
Your curriculums are amazing. The connections between art, science and literature made it very interesting. Well done!
F***** G****
Your app is very helpful. I can have a look on my way to pickup my kids after work, and knowing what they've learnt on the day, it makes my transition from a career woman to a mum so seamless! Thank you!
W***** D*****

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