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Sep 22 / AJ Studio

The Fruit of Our Painting

By AJ Studio
Will you face the risks and uncertainties head-on?
A gardener plants seeds, nurtures the orchard, and eventually, fruit appears. In any endeavour, we call the results of our effort and investment the "fruit of our labour".  
Whale, Oil on Canvas, Alex Zhong, Year 6, 2023
So, what is the "fruit" of painting? By putting in consistent effort, our rewards are beyond what's visible. We become more patient and confident and develop a broader perspective, even when encountering surprising challenges that we previously never thought would hinder our enthusiasm and motivation. Colours get muddy, paint smudges outside the lines, and the brushes just don't do what we want them to!

Regardless of the obstacles, this spirit of resilience and an unwavering dedication to our craft is especially invaluable for young, growing minds to cultivate.
"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore."
- Vincent van Gogh.
Orca, Oil on Canvas, Melissa Zhu, Year 5, 2023.
In Clever Canvas™, we have been exploring the world of fish through the dynamic medium of oil paint. Vincent van Gogh's metaphor emphasizes the importance and the value of having an artist's mindset.  

As young painters embark on their creative journey, will they face the risks and uncertainties head-on?

Even when starting from scratch and unable to envision the final outcome, will you take the leap of faith into the unknown without fear of failure, allowing your knowledge, passion, and determination to flourish?
Many young artists experience and overcome challenges each term. The strokes on display represent more than just fishes and the sea; they are determination, passion, blossoming patience, and bravery, all on full display.

Each painting is a song that bears witness to our young minds' growth and resilience. Congratulations to all students who have successfully completed their paintings this term. What a triumph!
Matilda,Oil on canvas, Emily Zhu, July 2022
Artists are busy working during the holiday program.


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