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Hours of content

Mon 15 April
Sushi For Lunch
$110 $99 NZD
Tue 16 April
Pizza Takeaway
$110 $99 NZD
Wed 17 April
Innovative Bento Box
$119 $105 NZD
Thu 18 April
Where Does Food Go?
$110 $99 NZD
Fri 19 April
Cooking Up A Storm
$110  $99 NZD
Mon 22 April
Hello Tom Gates
$119 $105 NZD
Tue 23 April
Crafting Glowing Ideas
$119 $105 NZD
Wed 24 April
Air Jordan the Jumpman
$119 $105 NZD
Week 1
5 Full Day Program
$559  $495 NZD
Week 2
3 Full Day Program
$349  $310 NZD
Two Weeks Holiday Program
8 Full Days
$908 $799 NZD

Week 1

15 - 19 April 5 Full Days

We are cooking up a storm this April holiday with sushi, pizza, and more, and of course, we are also investigating the digestive system! These are just the kinds of things we do at your favourite AJ Studio holiday program! Forget about lounging around on the couch and feeling bored. Why not join us for a holiday filled with creative magic? It's the perfect way to inject excitement and inspiration into your creative minds!

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Week 2 Three Full Days Program

What's included?
  • Extended hours: enjoy peace of mind with late pick-up available until 4.30 pm and early drop-off from 8.15 am onwards, ensuring flexibility to fit your busy schedule.
  • Let your child's imagination soar with all the necessary art supplies provided. From paints to brushes, we've got everything they need to bring their visions to life!
  • Explore to your heart's content with access to all lab gear. From experimenting with science to tinkering with technology, your hands-on learning will spark even more with us.
  • Keep your creativity flowing even after the program ends! Gain access to your child's lessons through the AJ Studio App, continue to learn and explore at your own pace.
  • Take home your treasures, and watch your child's eyes light up as they proudly take their masterpieces home with them! Whether it's a painting, a science experiment or a tech project, it's a cherished keepsake for a lifetime.

22 - 25 April

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Are you ready to turn your holiday into a memorable fun, and creative learning experience? Your favourite AJ Studio full-day holiday program is packed with fresh new learning content to keep keep your imaginative mind engaged and inspired all day long!

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I never knew sketching can be so fun, where I used to go was filled with white plasters that I wasn't interested in and I had no idea why I had to learn it.
T******** B*
Your curriculums are amazing. The connections between art, science and literature made it very interesting. Well done!
F***** G****
Your app is very helpful. I can have a look on my way to pickup my kids after work, and knowing what they've learnt on the day, it makes my transition from a career woman to a mum so seamless! Thank you!
W***** D*****

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