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The Big World Outside of Your Little World

Journal series
"Art is more than just a pretty picture. Art is intelligent. It takes a lot of thoughts. For the stories that are waiting to be told."
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Have you ever attempted to learn swimming without getting soaked? Or have you tried cooking up a gourmet meal without getting a little messy in the kitchen? Well, guess what? Art works the same way!
Forget about colouring in the manufactured lines, or copying a step by step guide. AJ Studio is all about exploring, experimenting, and embracing the beautiful messiness of creativity. Because let’s be honest, learning happens when we are knee-deep in paint and trying to figure out which brush stroke goes where! 
Watercolour on paper, Naomi Chang, 2023

It’s never about a polished final product, it’s always about our precious kids exploring art materials and techniques, where it’s okay not to get it right away and where being different is celebrated.

Enter Art 301™- where we learn all about the big world outside of our little world. It is one of our most popular workshops to date. Now, don't under-estimate this 50-minute-long course—it's a golden window of opportunity for incredible learning!

Imagine your young minds diving headfirst into a rich pool of art history, drawing inspiration from the amazing people who have have shaped our world, like Martin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank… Our young artists get to reimagine what’s possible to achieve! Like time travel, but without the wonky machines and confusing physics equations. 

With each stroke on paper, our young artists move a step closer to mastering their craft and expressing themselves like never before. Who knows? They might end up with a masterpiece that'll make your jaw drop! 

Alice, the founder of AJ Studio, always says ‘Art is more than just a pretty picture. Art is intelligent. It takes a lot of thoughts. For the stories that are waiting to be told.” So my friends, you too, can be art superheroes, because your creative superpowers have the potential to ignite understanding, compassion and make a real difference. 

Remember Anne Frank’s wise words, “How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” 

Are you ready to join Art 301™ and let your colours fly and share your unique perspective with the world? Sing up a trial session here today. Don’t worry, capes are optional!

Watercolour on paper, Isaac Yoon, 2023

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