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Apr 24 / AJ Studio

Kickstarting Term 2

Workshop Update

Kickstarting Term 2

Term 2 is just around the corner; the year has officially passed 31%! What do you aspire to learn and achieve this term? As we kick start Term 2, here are some courses to get your creative gear going.
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Invent with our Lab™ program

Are you ready to play?

Creativity is the lifeblood of innovation. From skateboarding to zip lines, we humans have always enjoyed playing and utilising that fun for further productivity. We are inspired and have designed programs to get you to learn and create based on some of these extraordinary inventions.

AJ Studio

Farmers Market in Harvest Hues

To tap into the wellspring of imagination is to stay tuned to the world around us. From the Matakana farmers market to the Paris streets, farmers' markets have always presented warmth, delicious hot cocoa, fresh produce, and friends and family; it is more than just good food. We are learning all about the farmer's market and the beautiful harvest hues, creating paintings to celebrate autumn and winter, and creating technological inventions to help farmers get their fresh produce across the globe.

Young Extraordinaire

Unlike traditional art and program lessons. You don't have to be old to be creative. Our meticulously designed courses cater to different age groups'’ needs. Stimulating learning doesn't have to stop just because you are little. Our art and lab courses, such as Tangram in the Jungle and The Tangram Challenge, are perfect examples to show our children both sides of the same coin, helping our young minds immerse themselves in the wonderful world of STEAM learning, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. All of AJ Studio's courses incorporate these aspects in our exclusive syllabus, and they are holistic learning experiences that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It's not just about technical skills but grit, mindset, curiosity, and instilling a lifelong, joyful exploration.

Student Work

We invite you to join us for Term 2 and experience the unique learning journey that we offer at AJ Studio. Check out our courses on our website and find the perfect match for your learning desires.

Student Work

Holiday Program Art Session

Art 301™ Students experimenting with Cyanotype

Holiday Program Lab Coding Session

Featured Workshop

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